Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today marks the migration of my blog from blogspot to wordpress and having my own domain name. I believe it's a pretty good day to officiate my new website on Valentine's Day Eve. The new website project took me few days to set it up as it does not consist only a single Wordpress blog, but two! One is for my personal blog and another is for my photo gallery. Both of them are linked via the main page at

I'd always wanted to have my own web domain for quite sometime and finally I did it. If it weren't for those awesome templates out there, probably the setup would take much longer as just tweaking and re-styling of template itself took quite substantial amount of time. Thanks to those templates, I do not have to code from scratch but to re-style it to my liking.

This will be my last post in Bowdacious-B. I will be starting to update new posting on my new blog ( and gallery ( Photo Gallery is pretty much near empty as I require some time to update my stock photos. Of course, I won't be posting anything new soon as there is still minor tinkering work needs to be done on my website.

So, that's all folks. I take this opportunity to wish you guys and gals out there a Happy Valentine's Day :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Macro Session at Bukit Tinggi

8th January 2011 - Notably it's my first photography outing for the year, I had spend my time with my former colleagues on this outing. We went to Botanical Garden in Bukit Tinggi for some macro, and the weather was awesome. It was cold all the time and throughout the shoot we didn't even break a sweat!

Thanks to CJ for borrowing me his Raynox DCR-250, I was able to get a further close up to the subject on my Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens for most of the shots. Yet, most of the pictures below are 25-50% crop for further close up. Here are some of my picks for the day. Do correct me if I got some of the bug name wrong.


Assassin Bug

Giant Ant

Green Moth


Ant Mimic Spider


Ant Mimic Spider (this is about 75% crop)


I really love the color output of the Sony Alpha 580 as these shots are shot in Jpeg and minor post processing is done mainly in cropping. However, after processing a few images... I would love to own a Macro lens to reduce the crop percentage I did for these shots. Hmm, Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 or Sony 100mm f/2.8 Macro?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Semenyih Dam and Tekala Falls

18th December 2010 - After many weeks of delay, I finally make my trip to one of the waterfall in Hulu Langat. This round of trip consist only me and CJ, while the rest of the guys had their reasons for not making an appearance. We change our plan to visit the Semenyih Dam and Sg. Tekala Falls, as our initial plan was to visit either Gabai Falls or Congkak River.

Pretty chilling day for shooting

There's nothing much to shoot in Semenyih Dam but the mountain mist, and an attempt to make water reflection on the lake. The series of photos is mainly to experiment on what the Light Craft Workshop ND500 Filter can do. Needless to say, most of the pictures are taken with the aid of Manfrotto PROB190X Tripod.

I couldn't find any good foreground, only yellow flower

Non HDR Version

In camera HDR with minor post processing

The in-camera HDR functionality of Sony Alpha 580 does it's work pretty well. The photo turns out quite good with only minor adjustment of color contrast in post processing. Next stop is Sg. Tekala Falls. The entrance fee to the waterfall cost only RM 1.

At f/13, 30 seconds, ISO 100

I'm beginning to appreciate the use of ND500 Filter

My favorite shot of the day

Tree root as leading lines!

I can't say that's all for the waterfall. I had not explore deeper due to the time whereby there's too picnickers around as I wouldn't want ghosting in my photos :D For picnickers/campers, the place is quite well kept.