Friday, August 31, 2007

Photo Blog : Deluxe Class G1 Autobot Jazz

A day after my purchase, I finally got the time to open up my Jazz. I had never played or own the original Jazz movie version, I think this G1 repaint of Jazz look good though.

Vehicle mode front view

Vehicle mode back view

Vehicle mode side view

and after couple of minutes transformation...

Autobot Jazz poses beside his cage.

Another robot mode pose

All in all, I personally think the vehicle mode looks alot better than the other two earlier Jazz (including the Final Battle Version). The robot mode doesn't have much flexibility on poses, guess I can't complain much for a RM 50 toy. Transforming Jazz back into vehicle mode doesn't took much effort but need to be careful as while I am transforming it, I accidentally chipped off some paint job on his number 4...


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