Friday, October 12, 2007

Photo Blog : Ultra Magnus (RID)

I got my RID (Robots in Disguise) Ultra Magnus recently from eBay USA of course, eBay Malaysia pricing is crazy... and got the time to open it today. Ultra Magnus has always been my favorite Transformers character before Jazz. Alright, lets have the pictures do the talking.

[ Full truck with trailer ]

[ Up close : Shiny Autobot Logo ]

[ Trailer ]

[ There's a battery compartment, don't know what it does yet ]

[ The truck ]

[ God Magnus ]

[ Close up ]

[ Magnus' Canon, it fires! ]

[ Magnus waves at you ]

[ Height comparison between RID Magnus and Movie Brawl ]

Overall in my opinion (only realized it when I got it), the robot mode is quite "gay" especially the leg part... it's freaking long! I'd prefer the vehicle mode over the robot mode due to robot mode limited articulation on the legs, and the canon was actually screwed in wrongly (probably it's production flaws *sigh*). Anyhow, this guy is now part of my Transformers family :)


  1. tat explains ur msn nick Ebay (Thumbs Down) thingy....

  2. First of all, nice close-up on the Autobot logo! But I have to agree with you that the robot mode looks "gay".

  3. Haha, the thumbs down is mainly pointing to it's downtime on the selling page. It actually gives me an error page when I try to sell something. It's been down for more than a week man...