Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photo Blog : Starscream Masterpiece USA

I really got to learn to stop buying anymore toys, even though my collectible expense is still in controllable state. Averaging one item a month. Yet, I really got to stop this buying habit. Anyway, I got my Star that ends with a Scream last couple of days and manage to transform it today. This is one of the most perfect transformable figure which looks good in both robot and vehicle mode, and the details... is superb! One complaint from me, the facial expression of the Decepticon.

Here comes the pics!

[ close up to a happy looking star? ]

[ it has details up to the fingers ]

[ comes with a stand ]

[ vehicle mode ]

[ the base ]

[ vehicle mode close up ]

[ there's weather effect on it ]

[ mounted on a stand ]

The Jet mode is just impressive to look at! For a masterpiece figure which cost almost RM200 (via outside resources), it's a quite a good deal to pass on as the price on retail stores are RM 300.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, agree with you on Starscream's face, looks like the most innocent decepticon!

    The Jet mode is perfect!