Sunday, March 22, 2009

1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

21st March 2009 - The first ever Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon was held in Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan. Although there has been Hot Air Balloon flying around in Putrajaya, this is the first 'International' Hot Air Balloon. It's to clarify some thoughts around people:)

My visit to this event started at 6:30am whereby I drove to pick up couple of friends whom are interested in the fiesta. Due to the early hour, we did a Drive-Thru at McDonalds for our breakfast :) The drive to Putrajaya took about 45 minutes from Kepong and we arrived just quite in time before the Hot Air Balloon field is closed out from Photographers.

[ look at all the people! ]

[ Exposure Failed! too much highlight ]

I tried to recompose the above exposure to get the blue sky but before I able to take another shot, bunch of photographer jumped in trying to take the same shot. So, pardon all the bad shots I am sharing on this post. Not to mention about the photographer's ethics as well. These lame photographers can't take their hands of people's balloon. Pulling strings, bags, rags and etc. Not long later, they got shoved off by the organizer.

Not long later, the organizer got fed up with the photographer's itchy hands and announced that the flight shall begin, and request everyone to back off; And then, the balloon flight started. We asked the organizer whether we can ride on one of the balloons, we were told that the tickets to fly has been sold out for the day! Damn!

[ the media ]

[ take off ]

[ The balloons had Shi Min & KK's attention ]

[ Shi Min : There's a UFO in my photo... ]

[ one of the early Hot Air Balloon flown ]

[ the rest joined in floating in the air ]

It wasn't long later, I notice there's a huge spec of dust in my sensor. It was noticeable when I stop down at F/8.0 upon shooting at the sky, I was disappointed with myself for not checking my gears a day before the event. Can't remember when is the last time I blow my sensor. A new lesson learned, check for dust in your camera before the next event.

After all the balloon has flown off the area, para gliders make their way to awe the crowd. It wasn't that much of an awesome thing to look at but at least it's a little entertaining.

[ glider and the expensive bridge ]

[ chasing the RC blimp ]

[ gliding above our heads ]

[ the usual thing ]

It wasn't entirely bad day for me. Although I wasn't able to fly on the Hot Air Balloon nor capture a good exposure; At least I was able to witness the 1st Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta :)

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