Sunday, March 15, 2009

Larian Amal Seri Sinar 2009

15th March 2009 - Today, I manage to complete 10 kilometer run in under 90 minutes. It was a personal achievement and it's the first 10 kilometer run I did. The last two run were 7km and 6km respectively.

The starting point of the race is at Taman Bukit Jalil, I reach the destination at approximate 6:30am and was waiting for a colleague of mine Jonas to arrive. Jonas was nice enough to help me in collecting my running bibs. However, due to some communication issue, Jonas did not arrive at the meet up spot to pass me my running number.

I waited at the entrance of the venue for about 15 minutes after the race started for Category A & B (which is the 10km run). When I reach the starting point due to frustration that Jonas did not turn out, I believe he had started the race without me while having my running bibs with him. I wasn't able to call Jonas as he left his mobile phone in the car and so am I. Thus, due to this... I started my race after the 3km runner started their run. This basically make me a very late starter of the race. Although without having the running bibs with me, I still continue the race since this it was my goal to try complete the 10km under 90 minutes on first attempt.

[ early morning at Bukit Jalil ]

I don't have a watch with me, nor a mobile phone. I had my iPod shuffle to entertain my run and a Canon Digital Ixus camera to take some shots on my run. Besides, one of the camera function is to track my run time since it has time stamp on every picture I snap.

After running for an hour, I manage to chase up some of the mid crowd and I saw Wong in front! I said "Hi" and run past him to the finish line at approximate 8:32am. After the Finish line, I saw Jonas and took my running bibs from him and went back to the finish line to claim my running position. I don't know how many position and time it cost me due to the early miscommunications, it doesn't matter to me as I'm glad that I completed the 10km race! :)

[ Wong after completing the 10km race ]

[ picture of me taken by Wong ]

[ i didn't knew Taman Bukit Jalil has nice views ]

[ my 10km marathon finisher medal ]

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