Monday, March 9, 2009

Sony Alpha : Flash Photography Workshop

28th February 2009 - Sony Flash Photography Workshop at Vistana Hotel. The workshop was organized by Sony Malaysia, and it's was the second photography workshop I attended. The organized workshop was held with the emphasis on flash photography. It's a good knowledge sharing session by Sony for new users who are new to flash photography.

I was an external flash user for about 6 months and my knowledge in flash isn't sufficient for most shooting environment. From this workshop, I learn a couple of new things which I didn't know before in theory. Things such as zoom numbers, guide numbers, and levels; was that all was thought by one of the Sony staff and John Shum.

The theoretical part took about 2 hours to complete and in the process, there's people started to yawn in the middle of the lecture (probably they are veteran users of flash). Upon completion of the theory part, the fun part begins. Two models hired by Sony for the pleasure of Sony Alpha Shutterbugs. The two models are Monique and Cayman / Kamen.

[ Monique ]

[ Cayman/Kamen ]

I posted more pictures of Monique and Cayman/Kamen at Facebook. Please do comment them :)

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