Saturday, November 7, 2009

Food : Full House Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ NZX

4th November 2009 - Coming close to 2 years, I finally manage to set foot at NZX (NieZeXui) for the first time. The much talk about NZX becoming a flea market with a concept of covered boulevard in providing a comfortable outdoor shopping experience was a little disappointing on my visit. The place is none other but a ghost town. Basement parking are blocked, lights are dim at most corners, and there isn't much shops there. I guess that explains why it gives me a spooks although there is CCTV installed within the premises! Although, I like the concept... too bad it's not lively enough, otherwise it easily bested Petaling Street.

Enough said, having heard of rumors that NZX is to be closed down for it's bad occupancy. I decided to make a visit. Though the place isn't lively; Yet there is one shop that is full of live, and that is Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe. I basically had made a dinner appointment here to check out the place. Btw, I manage to get here safely thanks to saimatkong's video map.

The menu was pretty comical with some artwork of it's own. Some of the dishes are visually illustrated via Artwork such as the Thomas's Favorite and Tracy's Favorite. For the record, these dishes are not meant for Thomas and Tracy only :) It's a set lunch that is valid from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. If I were there at that period of time, I would probably ordered them as they cost RM 14.90 and RM 16.90 respectively.

the menu

Flipping through the menu. We ordered Wok Sear Chicken Chop (RM 16.90), and Wasabi Fish & Wedges (RM 16.90) as our main dish; Soft Shell Crab (RM 10.90) as side dish; and Ice Blended Mocha (RM 9.90) and Red Grape Fruit Green Tea (RM 4.90) as drinks. There is a 5% Service Charge with no Government Tax on the final bill. Now, here's the food we ordered.

Soft Shell Crab

I'm a sucker for Soft Shell Crab and this dish is really to my liking. It comes with Wasabi Mayonnaise, but I prefer to eat it as it is. It's still tasted good with and without the mayo.

Wok Sear Chicken Chop

Tasted a little of it, quite good. The chicken is tender and juicy, I would have traded my Wasabi Fish & Wedges for this instead.

Wasabi Fish & Wedges, with Ice Blended Mocha

The Wasabi Fish is just a fish chip comes with Wasabi Mayonnaise, nothing special on this dish. In fact, I found it quite disappointing.

Red Grape Fruit Green Tea

Besides being a cafe, there's other things you can shop besides food. Things like clothing, beads, photo frame, candy, and many other souvenirs.

The interior decoration of lifestyle store

some clothes available for sale

some other things

for the ladies

One of the signature decoration of this store is the Mini, unfortunately you can't buy this :D

Full House's Mini

Full House Lifestyle Store and Cafe
Block C-G-11 Nui Ze Xui
Jalan PJU 14/41B, Ara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor


  1. Went there once... overhyped. They wanted to emulate NZX in Singapore but the place is not easily accessible, feels barren and isolated.

  2. Yup, if the place is not easily accessible by public transport, it's pretty obvious feels barren and isolated.

  3. Your blog is fantastic.Thanks for sharing beautiful posts, thoughts, photos and food through the year.....